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Posted by: "fyruz lee"   carlos_kenivel

Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:15 am (PDT)

New Improved Nanoblok ...

Buy 2pcs at RM70 save Rm20
Buy 3pcs at Rm100 save Rm35

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Upgrades / Improvements
- better adhesives to hold the Nanoblok pad on the dashboard
- higher grade material and thickness
- improved Nano formulation

Nanoblok is an odor and bacteria killer , perfect for your cabin space
in you vehicle

It is maintenance free and has a MINIMUM lifespan of 2 years

It is sunlight activated with no mechanical or electrical parts

Works better than conventional ionizers and does not need parts extra
cost to replace parts when faulty

***Nanoblok helps to rid the common smells that can be irritating to
car users ***

- damn / wet carpet smells
- cigarette smells ( works best for driver's who smoke in the car AND
have their passengers complain of the bad smoke smells )
- durian smell
- musky smells from your air conditioning
- animal poop ( to those unfortunate enough to step on dog poo )
- vomit smell
- fermented milk
- dead fish
- pet smells

*********Saves your money on car perfumes !!!!!!****** *********

An average perfume refill lasts about a month , over 2 years is 24
months , which means u spend approx. RM240 every 2 years

Nanoblok lasts for A MINIMUM 24 months , which means u only spend
RM45.00 instead of RM240.00

Price :RM45.00 per piece

Postage : 2 pcs above FREE
COD :Bandar Tasik Puteri, Country Home, Bandar Rawang and other place
available on selected days

Call now !!!
012 6645950 (Fairuz)

[WTS]MINI TURBO!!mnambahkn kelajuan 'pickup' & pnjimatan minyak..pic

Posted by: "fyruz lee"   carlos_kenivel

Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:22 am (PDT)



* Normal Price for Iridium Plug will range about RM200+

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Benefits :

- Enhanced thrust power
- Better performance of carburetor
- Improves brake system
- Cleaner emissions
- Smoother transmission
- Enhanced fuel combustion and efficiency
- Reduces engine sound and vibration.
- The only product in its range to be fitted with efficiency adjuster
- Easy to transfer to other vehicles.

Price : RM350

Delivery Method : COD (refer COD Area below)

Warranty : 6 months

Policy : 7 day money back full refund !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuel Economy : Varied Results ... Works very well with Proton
(Iswara,Wira,Waja,Blm,Neo etc) & Perodua (Kenari,Kelisa,Myvi,Kembara)
Toyota (Avanza,Vios) & many MORE models ...

COD Area : In Bandar Tasik Puteri, Country Home, Bandar Rawang and
other places available on selected days

CALL/SMS/PM NOW !!! [Smile]

012 6645950



1. Where is it installed ?
If installed in your servo brake hose , you will enjoy the benefits of
assisting to improve your braking capabilities
If direct to manifold , it will serve purely for performance

2. How does it help my braking system ?
When installed to your servo hose , mini turbo helps to provide proper
compression for your brakes. The effect is immediate. An excellent
safety feature when there is a need to do an emergency brake.

3. Will it damage the brakes or engine ?
The unit is actually a diagnostic tool , you will feel your brakes is
hard when you apply pressure , this indicates there is a leak in your
brake system. It is an additional air intake designed to channel
enhanced air flow into your engine. 8 years in the market , there is no
reported side effect besides a enjoying a better driving experience.

4. Why do we need to clean the filter ?
As it is in essence an additional air intake , anything in ur vehicle
that has a filter would need to be changed or cleaned. Dust and grease
may restrict air flow and reduce the benefits of mini turbo so cleaning
the unit will help restore the unit to its optimum condition.

5. How often do I need to clean it?
You can clean it during your normal service interval , simply use an
air gun at the workshop or buy a degreaser and spray the filter head
and wipe clean . If you travel to industrial areas , you will need to
clean it more often or you may clean it as and when you prefer when you
feel the car is sluggish .

6. Are you sure you will fully refund if we want it returned within 7
days ? Are there hidden costs ??
Yes , we are by far the very few of traders who actually practice this
. Why we do it , cos we have no intention of cheating you and its a
matter of credibility and everyone has different expectations of how
they want their car to perform. There are no hidden costs but we will
state the terms when we launch a promotion .

7.If it is so good why don't manufacturers install it in their car
during assembly ?
Every company has their own policies and every car has a flaw which the
after market industry taps to provide to you a solution to your
problem. Mini turbo is one of the many solutions provided for

8. How well do you fare among other competitors and is the competitor
product better or worse ?
It is our policy not to make comparisons ( unless forced to ) . Each
product is made with their own market in mind and price positioning and
marketing strategies are formulated according to the proprietors.

9. Icecube is making claims your product is spoiling the engine ?
Icecube is doing so as he was asked to leave and was subsequently
banned from selling all my product and associated products due to his
unethical practices as a trader. He is just a disgruntled person who
made a mistake but does not want to be responsible for his own mistakes
and actions. I have evidence of his misgivings so I have nothing to
fear from his slander. I only feel sorry for those conned by him.

10. Does it void a warranty?
We cannot tell you if it does or does not as we do not have rights over
the variety of warranties available when you purchase your vehicle.
It is a plug and play device which can easily be removed.

11. Can i install more than one ?
It depends on the vehicle cc . For a myvi 1 unit is more than
sufficient .

12. Can I transfer it to another car if I sell my car ?
Yes , you can do so as it is plug and play .

13. How about fuel savings since it is a performance item ?
Fuel savings has varied results due to engine condition. Usually
customers will call to have their unit serviced / cleaning cos they
notice a drop in fuel savings. Our stock engines are underpowered so
installing mini turbo optimizes your engine combustion hence the
benefits of fuel savings are there. Again , fuel savings have varied
results for every user due to driving style , engine condition , etc

14. People say items like this has short term effect only .
For mini turbo we rarely get comments like these , from experience this
boils down to maintaining the product . Anything that has an air intake
has to be cleaned , a clogged up filter will leave it redundant and
hence a person would feel the lose in benefits from the product they
purchase. Our customers can tell when the lose FC benefits and come
back to us to have it cleaned. Problem solved. If you ask anyone who
has installed a similar product , 9 out of 10 buyers don clean it or
were not informed the product needs to be cleaned.

15. ECU adapts to the additional air intake making the product
So ... whats the problem here ? If this was true ... all u need to do
is reset the ECU 6months down the road , which is a small task for the
benefits you enjoy

16) Its a performance item , will it make my FC worse??
Not at all , your stock engine is underpowered , adding mini turbo
gives you the power u need which equated back to FC savings as u wont
feel the car sluggish anymore
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