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Fw: Twitter Malindo Air kena godam by "-:eSpAcE9808:-" rienacom


Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:48 am (PDT) . Posted by:

"-:eSpAcE9808:-" rienacom

Patutlah kurang ajar semacam saja.. Twitter Malindo Air kena godam rupanya..
Posted by Anak Sungai Derhaka

Pagi tadi kecoh juga dilaman mikro Twitter, bilamana ramai individu yang ingin menggunakan perkhidmatan syarikat penerbangan Malindo Air mendakwa soalan mereka dijawab dengan kasar oleh Perkhidmatan Pelanggan syarikat terbabit.

Ada pelanggan yang mengadu bahawa balasan tweet yang diterima mereka sejak 24jam yang lalu amat tidak memuaskan dan cara pihak Malindo Air membalas juga agak kasar, tidak seperti selalu.

Perkara ini kemudiannya telah dilaporkan oleh MSN Malaysia

Poor customer service from Malindo Air?

If you were to read the replies from Malindo Air's Official Twitter account as above, you'd be devastated to read the replies to their customers.

It all took place this morning (21 October 2013).

Check out the chronology of the Twitter "feud":

Twitter user Alice tweeted, "@alicelky: Tried to use Malindo web check in but couldn't check in. Why? Is it because I bought the promo fare? :(".

She then received a reply from another Twitter user who replied saying, "@yeobeeyin: @alicelky hehe, don't be surprised. Malindo doesn't have web check-in. I just took their flights."

Malindo Air then replied, "@Malindo_Air: @yeobeeyin Hello .. are you sure Malindo do not have web check in? @alicelky" and boy, did this spark anger amongst Twitter users and customers of Malindo Air.

@xiaohang89: @Malindo_Air i think malindo should sack the personnel who replied in this manner. what a reply!!

@Malindo_Air: @xiaohang89 and then hire you as the CEO?

@VelvetVintage: Dear @Malindo_Air, should you need a social media strategist, please contact me. I am willing to enhance your customer service experience.

@Malindo_Air: @VelvetVintage I think I would trust you better with cakes than computers.

‏@suetmei: @Malindo_Air how bout you tell us whether do you really have web check in? it's your job or ours to be well informed? @yeobeeyin @alicelky

@Malindo_Air: @suetmei not our job to force feed you with information, news of our web check in has been on the web and media, tak nampak ke?

In order to uncover the truth behind it all, we at MSN Malaysia called their customer service hotline to inquire if that was indeed Malindo Air's Official Twitter account.

The customer service representative was extremely polite from the beginning of the call, and despite his uncertainty, he provided their HQ contact number.

We then called the number and spoke to the Marketing department.

The first point of contact was somehow uncertain, but proceeded kindly in directing me to a senior who's more familiar on this matter and she confirmed that their Twitter account is indeed hacked!

They just discovered as much this morning and are currently working on the matter at hand, so no hard feelings everyone! .


Carlos Santiago ·

keh keh keh. betul ke kena hack. ke staf dia buat taik. tak tahan nk layan customer.

sambungpaip ·

macam najib hack altantunya........
step 1....hack depan
step 2....hack juboq
step 3....c4
step 4....jgn mengaku
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