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Fw: Yang Pelik Dan Lucu Sekeliling Kita From: ::-eSpAcE 9808-::
Fw: New Perodua Alza SR – entry level variant from RM53k From: ::-eSpAcE 9808-::
I DID IT!. From: shidan shidan
NABI SAW From: Quwarrizxmy Qurraizy



Fw: Yang Pelik Dan Lucu Sekeliling Kita

Posted by: "::-eSpAcE 9808-::"   rienacom

Sun Feb 5, 2012 8:19 am (PST)

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From: ::-eSpAcE 9808-::

Yang Pelik Dan Lucu Sekeliling Kita
Posted by greenboc

Sebelum ini GB ada paparkan gambar-gambar tentang perkara yang pelik berlaku di malaysia.

GB kata ada diantaranya yang melucukan. Dan ini kita gunakan untuk merehatkan minda kita dari terlalu serius memikirkan sesuatu isu. Gambar-gambar ini bersepah ini internet, dikutip untuk paparan di blog GB ini untuk kita segarkan semula minda kita untuk menghadapi isu-isu baru selepas ini.

Saksikan juga yang ini:


Anonymous said...
agaknya ramai juga pemuda umno lom khatan ya...

Anonymous said...
Patutpun puak2 Umno ni "banyak yang tak cerdik" sbb lambat Khatan


Itu orang tua2 kata....

Yong said...
Kambing pakai baju tu tengah menyamar takut kena cekup kes NFC?

Anonymous said...
Betul & setuju sangat GB. Manusia perlukan kerehatan minda, antaranya dgn melihat yg pelik2 ni, boleh tersenyum.. yg penting perkara2 bukan yg berdosa .

Bagus sekali bila sama2 suami isteri menengoknya, sama2 tersenyum, bahagia rumah tangga insyaAllah.

1 Malaysia said...
Lembu faham tak makna papan tanda tu? Oh, mungkin lembu NFC faham kot sebab kan depa tu dok kat kodominium yang nilainya berjuta yang dibeli oleh Kak Jat.

non said...
sebab itu lah kajian yg d buat mengatakan 1 daripada 6 org adalah gila

Anonymous said...
GB gambar paling menarik Ialah Majlis berkhatan pemuda Umno,, lOL!!!

Fw: New Perodua Alza SR – entry level variant from RM53k

Posted by: "::-eSpAcE 9808-::"   rienacom

Sun Feb 5, 2012 8:19 am (PST)

----- Original Message -----
From: ::-eSpAcE 9808-::

New Perodua Alza SR – entry level variant from RM53k
By Danny Tan

Perodua has introduced a new variant of its MPV called Alza SR. SR stands for "Smart Ride" and this is an entry level variant positioned below the Standard and Advanced spec. It is available for viewing and booking at all 178 Perodua showrooms nationwide now.

Selling for between RM53,013.50 and RM56,513.50 on-the-road with insurance in Peninsular Malaysia, the new variant, available in BX Manual and BZ Auto spec, is Myvi SE priced. Previously, the cheapest Alza was the Alza GX Manual at 55,503.50, so this new one lowers the entry price by about RM2,500.

"The introduction of the Alza SR variant will make it even more affordable for Malaysian consumers looking to upgrade to a more spacious vehicle. Our customers like the versatility and functionality that Alza offers and do not mind having less features available compared with the standard and other variants. However, it does not mean we have compromised on the safety and the aesthetics of the Alza SR," Perodua MD Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh said.

Under the hood, nothing has changed, but what's the difference is spec? The Alza SR makes do with "UV protected glass" on the windscreen only, as opposed to on all glass panels, and there's no rear wiper. The wing mirrors are manually operated. Fog lamps, airbags, ABS, EBD and BA are unavailable, but that's the case for the 1.5 SX and EZ as well, so it's expected.

Note that in the Alza SR automatic, the parking brake has been moved to between the front seats (it's foot operated in other auto Alzas), and the front seats are separated, not bench style. For the manual variant, there's no change in layout.

The Alza SR comes in three colours: Glittering Silver, Ivory White and a new hue, Mystical Purple. Perodua targets to sell about 400 units of the Alza SR monthly, which will take up around 13% of Alza's monthly sales.

Alza 1.5 BX Manual (Solid) – RM53,013.50
Alza 1.5 BX Manual (Metallic) – RM53,513.50
Alza 1.5 BZ Auto (Solid) – RM56,013.50
Alza 1.5 BZ Auto (Metallic) – RM56,513.50


Posted by: "shidan shidan"   syid_dan

Sun Feb 5, 2012 11:30 am (PST)

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Posted by: "Quwarrizxmy Qurraizy"

Sun Feb 5, 2012 12:47 pm (PST)


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