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ingat nak terkam honda civic lepas harga kereta turun nanti...

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> *Toyota's all-new Vios*
> [image: Motor Trader Malaysia] <>By Faisal Shah| Motor
> Trader Malaysia
> <>
> The all-new Vios will be Toyota's most important model in ASEAN for 2013
> *Toyota has debuted its all-new Vios at the ongoing Bangkok International
> Motor Show, which is a crucial model for the brand in the region.**
> *
> **
> The debut has caused a huge stir on Malaysian motoring Internet sites with
> most devoting several entries to the family favourite. You can understand
> their excitement though as the Vios is far and away the best selling
> non-national car in Malaysia.
> So what can we expect from an all-new Vios? Externally at least, it looks
> like quite a lot as there have been massive style changes over its
> predecessor.
> Toyota's designers have taken their styling cues from the current Corolla
> Altis and Camry so the Vios sports a much tougher 'face'. Projector
> headlamps now reside under the plastic light covers though only for the G
> and S variants. Opt for the cheaper E or J model and you have to make do
> with reflectors.
> <>
> All-new 'face' and body design are a big improvement over the current
> bulbous car
> A large front bumper opening with an integrated black styling bar
> dominates the front end along with neatly integrated fog lamps. There are
> now two feature lines running along the body sides to form convex and
> concave surfaces and they both end in a rear end that also sports an
> all-new look.
> <>
> Projector headlamps are new but only available for more expensive G and
> S-spec models
> Complex jewel effect rear lamps create a distinctive look at the rear and
> on higher spec models; there is a large horizontal chrome bar above the
> number plate housing. Lower bumper reflectors break up the mass of plastic
> at the back and the rear deck appears to be a bit longer for a more
> pronounced three-box shape.
> <>
> Jewel-effect rear lamps create a distinctive look day or night
> Inside, there is more good news as Toyota has given the Vios an all-new
> interior. The centrally mounted instrument display has been ditched for a
> more traditional arrangement with brightly lit meter faces. The radio is
> mounted high, above the centre air vents, while high-spec cars get auto air
> conditioning. The Thai spec-sheet however says you can only get two airbags
> in a Vios and there is no ESP available regardless of which variant you
> choose.
> <>
> Interior ditches the central instrument pod but with an unchanged
> wheelbase, space is the same as before
> Unfortunately, underneath all the shiny new exterior and interior is an
> unchanged mechanical package. The 1NZ-FE engine soldiers on with 109hp at
> 6000r-m and 141Nm at 4200rpm. There is a choice of five-speed manual or
> four-speed auto gearboxes (also carried over) and even the wheelbase is
> unchanged at 2550mm.
> Without having driven the car yet, it's difficult to say if Toyota's 'if
> it ain't broke' approach is the correct one to take, but with the Honda
> City now playing in a higher price bracket and the Nissan Almera cleaning
> up in the lower-end of the market with its combination of space and
> frugality, the all-new Vios may not dominate as thoroughly as its
> predecessors.
> <>
> It's an all-new Vios but using carry-over mechanical components is very
> disappointing
> Or, it may just continue to occupy its position as the best selling
> non-national car in Malaysia. Toyota will certainly be hoping for the
> latter scenario and with their track record for success, you'd have to
> brave to bet against them succeeding.
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