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minta pandangan peugeot 408 by "MHZ" mohamad_hadi


Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:04 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

"MHZ" mohamad_hadi


siapa disini yg ada pakai peugeot model 408 1.6/2.0 minta kongsi
pengalaman sket.. jasa anda amatlah dihargai.

sekian terima kasih.


Tue Apr 23, 2013 7:46 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

"bashah" bwasi

Tak pernah pakai peugeot, tapi asik syok tengok dan baca pendapat or lain pasal peugeot, tak tau pasal apa..pasal keta perancis kot ;)..copy dari loyat dibawah

Aug 2012

by Naz

Today, I went to Glenmarie Shah Alam Showroom to test the 408 2 litre model which i have drooled about for quite some time. I came with high hopes. And as i stepped into the showroom, I was truly amazed at the stunning beauty of the 408. Of course its pretty subjective but i think its more classy then the 308 turbo and u really need to be close to the 408 to realise what a beautiful car it is. Nevertheless I got a chance to test drive the 2 litre car. I wasnt interested in the turbo 1.6 since all i was interested was booking the 2 litre there and then.

20 minutes later. I completed the test drive and came out pretty satisfied with MIXED feelings.

Here is why

The good
The insulation is excellent. The interior is enough to make you feel luxurious. The seating position, arm rest and for a 1.8m , 90kg man, I felt pretty comfortable with lots of space left for legroom and rear seats as well. Boot space is really really impressive. The drive, I can say is pretty much comparable if not better then VW Jetta . Even the accords, sonatas and camry I'm used to driving won't hold a candle to this (But then again thats my point of view). The handling, the ride, its responsive. The engine I don't feel underpowered. The pickup is ample, not too heavy but not too spirited perhaps like the 1.6 turbo. The pocket space like glove box and compartments are not huge but practical and plenty. Trust me although the model i tested was a 2 litre model with fabric interior, it does feel plush and luxurious with clean interior and not too over the top gadgets, whistle and bells on the dashboard.

The Bad
Although the sterring is responsive, i think it is TOO light. In fact, i think it is very light. I can only imagine long distance drive and/or slippery roads where u can doze off for a mere second, you mite lose course over your sterring and mite end up either in the gutters or the dividers. I dont find the sterring very reassuring nor steady when gripping it. The audio has enough bass but the treble is too shrilling. Maybe can be redone via its radio settings, but perhaps this is due to the 4speakers + 2twitters. But it sorely lacks the mid level range. No bodykits nor additional HU units available for add ons. It takes quite a while to understand its reverse sensor thingy system on the display unit with its 1-2-3-4 bar indicators..PFFTTTT...i mite just crash and the bar might be too late to appear!. But here are some major points why i came out with mixed feelings (or maybe my expectations were too high  ).....

1) Timing Belt is used instead of timing chain. 

2) The maintainence cost intervals, estimated are as follows (as per quoted by sales person) :-
10,000km = 400rm
20,000km = 400rm
30,000km = 400rm
40,000km = 600rm
50,000km = 400rm
60,000km = 1500rm
subsequent 10,000km = 400rm
100,000km = 600rm
120,000km = 1500rm
And u need to maintain this maintainence within Peugeot service center to enjoy its 5yrs warranty.

I've looked at the service warranty items being done for every interval. But I won't comment on the charges. That i leave it up to the readers to evaluate 

What does the 5 year warranty cover? Engine, Aircon, Electronics (which means dont mod your HU or it'll void), anything that is not wear and tear.
Suspension is of limited 1 year warranty.

3) Although peugeot is of local assembly (with its QC intact done by PEugeot themselves), the parts are imported. The price may vary due to the exchange rate conversion. And parts availability may vary as well!! (And i thought my aunt was joking when she said her 308ti had to wait 4 months to get her ravaged bumper replaced!!) 

4) Oh this may be insignificant. insurance renewal and road tax for this car once it expires may cost around 3150rm. But I guess its parallel to the car you drive 

Verdict : Sure the spaciousness, luxury, continental-machismo, french romantic gut or whatever u call it comes together in the package, ribboned nicely under the 110,000rm pricetag. Sure you gonna get heads turned and u'll feel good about yourself driving the 408. But in my most frank opinion, you need to derive at the big picture and properly calculate the ownership cost of owning this beauty as it's not cheap to maintain nor service(not to mention, if you can bypass this french logo, you're probably better off getting better value elsewhere of you dont mind going oriental instead of continental). Think of this as a classy, beautiful, sultry, submissive long as you feed her a Gucci / Louis Vuitton handbag every month...hehehehehehe..Just my 2 cents tho. Apologies if this frank review is offensive. Trust me, I love this car too...... 

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siapa disini yg ada pakai peugeot model 408 1.6/2.0 minta kongsi
pengalaman sket.. jasa anda amatlah dihargai.

sekian terima kasih.


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